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credit cards for bad credit Looking for the best deals for credit cards, loans, mortgages or insurance? is a Credit Cards, Loan, Mortgage and Insurance informational website, the purpose of which is to help consumers with their personal finances. With the provision of educational guides and content, we specifically focus on helping people select the most suitable offers and services for their needs and circumstances.

We specialize in credit card comparison and have hundreds of credit card offers at any one time including all the best credit cards as well as numerous credit cards for bad credit, suitable for those with a less that perfect credit history.

credit cards Getting Approval - the art of choosing suitable finance

Credit cards: Whether you get approved for a credit card or not depends entirely on whether your personal financial circumstances are correctly matched to the credit card that you are applying for. Credit card providers set a profile of the borrower they want for each card - and if you meet that profile, you'll get approved - and will be offered the card. If you don't, you'll be rejected.

Rejection does not make you a bad risk - it just means your income or credit rating does not meet that particular card providerís customer profile. The problem, however, is that disapproved applications can hinder your chances of getting financial approvals in the future! 

Itís a good idea to estimate your credit score before applying for any credit card. Taking a realistic approach to applying for a card also saves time and hassle while making sure you pick up the best interest rates and card benefits your credit rating and financial history allow. The good news is that we have made this process as easy as possible for you. See our selection of credit cards.

Personal Loans: With all the current economic issues, the reality is that unsecured loans are getting more difficult for consumers to get approved for and most personal loans (other than auto) require some type of security such as your home. Every lender has a maximum loan-to-value or percentage of what your home is worth as a cap on borrowing. Often, the figure is around 75% of the appraisal.

If you already have secured borrowing, the maximum the lender will advance is their loan-to-value less current secured borrowing. Find our more about personal, auto and military loans.

Mortgages: Finding a home or property is only the beginning. Next you have to find a mortgage from the huge choice offered by banks and mortgage companies as well as other associations.

Getting a mortgage is a little bit like buying a car - the colors, designs and features vary between makes and models, but under the bodywork they all work on the same principles.

Our mortgage guide sets out some of the most important points to bear in mind when searching for a mortgage.

Introducing our financial tools & calculators

We have put together a series of 11 financial tools that will help consumers make decisions on a variety of financial areas such as loans, credit cards, mortgages and insurance. You can see their purposes fully explained on our personal finance tools page.

We can offer approvals for retailers

At, we can offer a tailor-made credit card approval program for online retailers. An example of one we have for an automotive retailer is the one we have with Andy's Auto Sport . They send customers who are seeking credit cards to buy auto parts over to a private page on our website that is tailor-made for their automotive clients. Their clients then get the opportunity to apply for a credit card and consequently buy auto parts from them. If you have a business and are interested in this service, please contact us!

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