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Balance Transfer, Airline, Student, Business, Rewards credit cards & more... has one of the most comprehensive credit card databases online and lists and compares all the best credit card offers currently on the market; including many cards for people with a bad credit score. To get started, read the credit card comparison introduction below...
Finding a suitable credit card at is both fast & easy! Many financial comparison sites display colossal lists of credit card offers, and all that does is translate into hours of work for YOU, trying to decide which one is best for your personal needs and circumstances.
At, we do all the work by eliminating the 'so-so' offers and presenting you with a defined list of market leading credit cards which makes the choice and application process fast and pain-free.

Plus, we have guides, tips and advice on hand to help you decide which card is most suitable for your needs and circumstances.

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   Credit Cards By Feature
airline credit cards
Airline & Travel Credit Cards
Cards for frequent flyers and travellers.
0% APR credit cards
0% APR Credit Cards
Cards with 0% introductory interest rates.
cash back credit cards
Cash Back Credit Cards
Earn cash back on purchases.
balance transfer credit cards
Balance Transfer Credit Cards
Save money by transferring your balance.
secured credit cards
Secured Credit Cards
A great option for folks with credit issues.
business credit cards
Business Credit Cards
Rewards Cards for small businesses.
student credit cards
Student Credit Cards
Cards for college student & graduates.
prepaid credit cards
Prepaid Credit Cards
Get your credit profile back on track.
   Credit Cards By Reward Type
cash back credit cards
Cash Back Credit Cards
Earn cash back on purchases.
points credit cards
Points Credit Cards
Earn points and cash back on purchases.
credit cards hotel rewards
Credit Cards with Hotel Rewards
Cards with hotel loyalty schemes.
restaurant rewards credit cards
Credit Cards With Restaurant Rewards
Earn rewards for eating out.
gift cards credit card
Credit Cards With Gift Card Rewards
Translate reward points into gift cards.
grocery credit card rewards
Credit Cards With Grocery Rewards
Get rewards for food shopping.
gas credit cards
Gas Credit Cards
Cards that reward you for gas expenses.
airline credit cards
Credit Cards with Airmiles Rewards
Earn air miles for general spending.
   Credit Cards By Credit Score
credit cards for bad credit
Credit Cards For Bad Credit
Cards for people with bad credit.
credit cards for fair credit
Credit Cards For No Credit
Cards for people with no credit.
credit cards for bad credit
Credit Cards For Good Credit
Cards for people with good credit.
credit cards for fair credit
Credit Cards For Fair Credit
Cards for people with fair credit.
credit cards for excellent credit
Credit Cards For Excellent Credit
Cards for people with excellent credit.
credit cards for bad credit Credit card glossary guides & tools

We have an array of tools, tips, guides and advice on hand to hopefully make your decision process easier. You can find the guides by clicking one of the card category links above and here are links to our Credit Card Glossary and our Credit Card Tools

credit cards for bad credit Selecting a suitable credit card

Although the credit card market may offer hundreds of cards, you may find that only a handful are right for you. Each card comes with qualifying terms and conditions based on age, income and credit score.

Anyone that falls outside of the cards target market may be automatically rejected so you need to choose your card carefully.

The important point to remember is that your credit profile may not match that required by one card issuer, but may suit anotherís criteria and the easiest way to apply for suitable credit cards and reduce rejections is to only apply for one that accept your credit score level.

Thatís why it is important to know what your credit score is and where you fit in the scheme of borrowing. Find out more about your credit score or you can estimate your credit score here.

credit cards for bad credit Filling in a credit card application form

Filling in a credit card application form is a serious matter. Your responses to the questions are compared with the information on your credit report and form the basis of considering how risky you are as a customer.

Make sure all the mandatory questions are answered. They are generally highlighted or marked with the symbol * , although most online applications will not let you submit the form unless all mandatory questions are answered. Check dates of employment, where you lived and mention all your borrowings.

All these facts are checked against information held by credit reference agencies like Experian and Equifax and failing to tell the truth about age, income or credit history results in automatic rejection so bear this in mind when you are filling in your applications. is a Credit Cards, Loans, Insurance and Mortgage website with great deals for saving money. Our main offerings include: Credit Card Comparison shopping, Credit Score Information, Current Financial News, Bad Credit & Auto Loan Approval Guides, Personal Loans and more!

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